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About us

Music brings people together! This saying could well be our motto as we're a very varied group of people, all bound by their love of music, next to practising hard to achieve a high musical standard, it’s all about the spirit of fun and conviviality. After rehearsal, we often wrap up with a little get-together.


Our music brings pleasure to our audiences and brings us enjoyment too! We take rehearsing seriously and have gained a great deal of experience from the concerts and performances we’ve been involved in. Once our professionalism has set the audience alight we’ve achieved our aim!

President:                             Mr Ashley Shopland


Vice President:                      Mrs Kay Grime


Hon. Vice President:              Miss Merle Oliver


Hon. Vice President:              Mrs Peggy Williams


Chairman:                            Mr Dennis Teague


Musical Director:                   Mr Barry Hawken


Accompanist:                        Dr Marlene Bowden


Secretary:                            Mr Colin Grigg



55 Trenovissick Road,

St. Blazey Gate,



Tel. 01726 825215